How Airship Improved Feature Discovery

As told by Greg Weinger, Director of Product Development, Airship

Information Technology
Portland, OR
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Building product tours in-house

We initially spent a lot of time on building these, which detracted from focussing on our core features.

We follow agile development so are always releasing new and updating old features. We found email to be ineffective to convey these changes — with low open and read rates. The best way to reach the end users was to educate them within the product.

We initially built product tours in-house, but it was all very custom, and different each time. They were difficult to update and not portable to all situations.

How we decided on Chameleon

Once we saw what Chameleon offered we secured the budget really quickly to move forward.

We discovered Chameleon through True Ventures and loved what we saw. During an internal 'Hack Week', I led a team that did a proof-of-concept, which was great. A lot of colleagues were impressed, so we moved quickly towards a full implementation.

The Chameleon team was super responsive and really partnered with us to make us successful. That experience and their road map reassured us this was a good fit.

How we improved our user engagement

We've successfully used Chameleon for a design change and a feature announcement and are now embedding it into our growth initiatives.

We did a major overhaul of our UI navigation and there was lots of concern from our Support and Account teams about potentially confused users. We deployed a feature tour that pointed out the change and educated users on the key areas we were concerned about. Not a single support issue came in, and the company became a huge Chameleon fan. In fact I think our Technical Support Manager is Chameleon's #1 fan.

Recently we built a feature adoption message that led to 10% of users to try that feature. This was an enormous win for us, so we’re establishing a program to go about this even more systematically.

The Chameleon team was super responsive and really partnered with us to make us successful. Working with them and understanding their road map reassured us this was a great fit.

Greg Weinger, Director of Product Management

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