How to put users at the heart of everything you do

Your on-demand webinar to customer-centricity

What you'll learn...

Join our panel of SaaS product experts for a discussion on how (and why) you can become more customer-centric in the New Year.

You’ll better understand what your users are craving, and learn how to intelligently translate that into a focus for 2021.

  • How to become truly customer-centric in the 2021 context
  • Ways to better build and deliver on a data-driven roadmap
  • How to prioritize and balance new feature development with key user requests
  • Tools to optimize your pricing models and delight your customers

Being customer-centric is more than just putting customers first—it’s about flipping the company’s culture, goals, and metrics to be focused around solving a set of problems for a set of customers, thus bringing the customers’ happiness to the driving seat.

Tiago Mota, Technical Champion @ Chameleon

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