Everyone agrees Slack has great onboarding, and here's how you can replicate it for your own product!

What makes Slack's onboarding so great?

There's been a lot written about Slack's great user onboarding - it is credited as one of the key components to Slack becoming a billion-dollar business. They did a few really smart things:

  • Focused on a few key concepts
  • Made it interactive
  • Used bright and bold colors to embrace the teaching

User onboarding became "fun", possibly for the first time ever! This is in stark contrast to many users being annoyed by product tours or terrible tooltips.

So check out our short video below on what makes Slack's user onboarding great, but also how to re-create it for your own product.

Slack's user onboarding and how to recreate it

Recreating Slack's User Onboarding

How to recreate Slack's user onboarding

As you saw in the video above, Chameleon makes it really quick and easy to build Slack's user onboarding. With Chameleon's product tours editor, you can create steps, style them to feel native, add your own content, position them anywhere on your page and add highlights or other delight features. You can then publish this with a click of a button and automatically get analytics on what's working and what's not.

To try it out, simply sign-up for an account and download our Chrome Extension! Let us know what you think - leave a comment below or email us.

Chameleon's Recipe Series

You just watched the first of our new video series of "Chameleon Recipes" - short videos showcasing some of the best in class user onboarding examples and how you can recreate them using Chameleon. Subscribe to our blog to get these straight into your inbox or to our YouTube channel for more great videos.

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