How to develop a continuous learning mindset as a Product Manager

The current SaaS climate has changed the tide on what is expected of Product Managers. It’s a stark reminder that the industry is fast-moving and ever-changing, and PMs must keep up to date with current knowledge and skills, in order to stay one step ahead.

Continuous learning helps PMs work adaptably, better define new product ideas, and collaborate more effectively across their organization.

So how can PMs scale this learning to succeed in both their professional careers and day-to-day work?

Watch this fireside chat to learn:

  • ✅ What key skills and competencies will emerge this year for product leaders

  • ✅ How the current SaaS climate is affecting expectations on PMs

  • ✅ How to find the best sources of learning and ignore the rest

  • ✅ How to get involved in the UX research process to quickly learn from your users

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