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Better Dismiss & HelpBar results

✨ Dismiss pairs well with buttons

A small enhancement that has a big impact! Enjoy independent "Exit" and "Snooze" actions on Experience buttons and the Dismiss component. Create better user expectations and combine both to allow users to opt out of your Tour and be reminded about it later.

Dismiss & button options

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about using Dismiss to snooze Experiences in Chameleon.

✨ Reorder content groups in HelpBar

To help you efficiently deliver your help content to users, you can now update the order in which search results appear in your HelpBar. This helps you define the priority for different resources and ensure users always see the most relevant results.

HelpBar content reordering in the Dashboard

We all love options!

With each Tour you create, think about offering your users the right options to engage as well as opt out of your guidance if they're not ready, or interested. This can be as simple as always having a "close" or a "remind me later" option. This way, users can pick the right action based on their needs, timing, or other factors; and our research shows that a lot choose to come back to in-app messages πŸ˜‰

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