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Banners for high-value messages

🪧 Banner Tours in your Dashboard

You can now leverage Tours to create full-width Banners to deliver messages that users don’t want users to miss. Announcing downtimes or communicating account limits are just 2 examples where Banners shine. Try out the pushdown option in BETA to ensure your Banner sits comfortably above your app’s content.

Scheduling a Call from an upsell Banner

👉 Learn more about Banners in Chameleon.

🐛 We also ensured you can discard Tour changes in your Dashboard, you can use the Builder as usual when working with RTL Experiences, and leverage the ‘nth’ element selector as usual.

Bye generic Banners

Banners are a well-established product that users already associate with important content, but today you can personalize your Banners to fit specific journeys and needs. Use the button additional Actions to follow up with the right step for users to take when engaging with your Banner.

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