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Intuitive design and skilled engineering is not enough


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Simple Installation

Add Chameleon to your web-app to build and publish product tours! It’s easy and won’t impact performance.

Installation options

Use Segment to install in three clicks, or manually implement our JS code snippet with help from your developers.

Works broadly

We play nicely with single-page apps, different frameworks (e.g. Angular and, React), iframes, etc.

Try it first

Add our Chrome Extension to get started without installing! You can then share a preview with your team.


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Intuitive Building

The Chameleon Editor is accessible wherever and whenever you need, so you can quickly build and update your product tours.


See exactly what you’re building in real time. Create and manage product tours without ever leaving your site.

Point-and-click selection

Place tour steps exactly where you want. Target specific elements on the page and adjust to pixel perfect.

Push live instantly

Preview and activate product tours with a single click. No need to wait for release cycles, dependencies or delays.


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Customized Styling

Your guidance will look native with our custom styling options. Chameleon is built to blend in seamlessly!

Advanced styling options

Customize the font, color, opacity, corner roundness and other attributes of your steps from our interface.

Custom CSS

For even more advanced configuration, use custom CSS to utilize your product’s stylesheet.


Draw even more attention by adding focal points like shadows, lightboxes, and hotspots that draw the user to key parts of your interface.


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Controlled Interactions

Define how users should interact with your guidance, to encourage action, increase familiarity, and create habits.


Engage upon a specific click, text input or hover. Respond to what users are doing.


Change CTAs to redirect users to a different page, or fire a click on a specific element (great for single-page apps).


Do even more: launch a survey, collect NPS responses, schedule a call or something custom, with our integration add-ons and custom code options.


Specific Targeting

Use custom segments to show product tours to the most relevant audience.

User properties & events

Define your audience using attributes, actions, tour engagement and from your integrations.

Data sources

Connect your integrations to harness their data. Use Intercom segments, Hubspot lists, Mixpanel events and more.


Show a sequence of product tours over time, depending on whether users successfully engage (or don't).


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Confident Publishing

Cue your product tours with confidence. Know exactly what users will see before your tours go live.

Instant Preview

Confirm your steps behave as intended before pushing live with the flip of a switch.

Test Mode

Easily switch from building to testing and experience your app as an end user, with all active tours in play.

Ghost View

Want to review the UX for a specific user? Assume their unique identity to evaluate what their specific experience will be. Coming soon.


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Clear Analysis

Assess and optimize your product tours with the data we collect. Use our reporting or send data to your analytics tool to combine with other product data!

Automatic data collection

Tour data (Tour started, completed, exited etc.) is automatically collected and linked to users without any additional setup.

Funnel reporting

Get a better idea of tour success with our inbuilt funnels. Improve steps that have high drop off.

Conversion tracking

Define your overall success objective for each tour. Use page loads or clicks and we will track these without any engineering.


Powerful Integrations

Understand the whole journey, build better segments, and go beyond guidance, by leveraging our partner tools!

Data Sources

More easily target the right people by re-using custom segments defined within your analytics or marketing automation tool.

Data Destinations

Chameleon automatically tracks engagement and sends the data to your favorite analytics tool so you can holistically assess user engagement.


Use our native integrations to gather customer feedback, run surveys, upgrade plans and more!

More Features

More Power Under The Hood

Built so your engineers can focus on your core product

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Single page apps

Show and hide interactions based on what elements are on the page and how users act, without requiring page refreshes or different URLs.

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We operate regardless of framework, and have customers using Angular, React, Node, Ember and others.

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Dynamic subdomains

Different subdomains for your customers or URLs containing unique IDs? We can handle that with dynamic variables or regular expressions within URLs.

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Mobile friendly

We are responsive and support mobile web, but can also turn off tours to mobile devices by default.

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Anonymous visitors

Want to use Chameleon on a trial account before a user signs-up? We’ll automatically assign a user ID and let you update it later. Coming soon.

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Use iframes within your application? Install our code within each iframe and then use Chameleon seamlessly across iframes.

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Company objects

We can group users by company or organization, so you can target based on account. We also handle nested or meta properties.

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SSL security

We maintain robust security standards and use best in class services. Read more about our security practices here.

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Any browser

You can use your preferred browser to build and publish product tours, although we recommend using Google Chrome.

Try Without Commitment

Build and preview on just your own browser before requiring any installation or showing your users.