How Quartzy Drives Feature Adoption using Chameleon

How Quartzy Drives Feature Adoption using Chameleon

Quartzy, a laboratory management and supply ordering platform, helps over 13,000 laboratories transform their lab inventory and order management workflow from spreadsheets and sticky notes into a streamlined and automated workflow.

They are helping labs waste less time managing their workflows and spend more time on accelerating scientific discoveries in their labs.

Efficiency and consistency is key, and it's what we're trying to help our users achieve

Alina Senderzon, Product Design Lead at Quartzy

Adopting a new workflow is always challenging; Quartzy’s goal was to help their customers implement their solution quickly to get up and running right away.

Drive more users to success

Quartzy has previously been successful at getting customers to their first “aha moment” – submitting their first inventory request, but customers were not sure what to do next, and sometimes got stuck or didn’t proceed.

They discovered that many customers had their own unique internal workflows, and different teams used the product differently (e.g. ordering inventory vs. approving requests) which made it difficult to suggest a single action for all users to take.

In order for Quartzy to help all their customers be successful, they needed user onboarding that was dynamic -- based on actions users had or hadn’t taken in the product. By having more tailored onboarding they could better support multiple user personas and unique workflows.

Quartzy knew that building all this in-house was a pipe dream; they would never be able to dedicate engineering resources away from building their core features. This brought Quartzy to seek a user onboarding platform that could trigger product tours based on different user actions, and support multiple unique workflows.

Why did they go with Chameleon?

Other solutions we found fell into the UI tour category, and that wasn’t interesting to us. We didn’t want to show our customers that ‘this is a button over here, this is a dropdown…’ but instead we wanted to embed the tour into our users’ workflow impactfully.

Alina Senderzon, Product Design Lead

How Quartzy used contextual product tours to drive users to the next step

Previously Quartzy’s sales team had success with getting customers quickly set up by hand-holding them through onboarding, and they wanted to automate that process without losing the personalization and effectiveness.

Alina, product designer at Quartzy, worked with the sales team to identify the points of friction customers were experiencing, and where they needed more clarity.

They discovered that many customers needed a general product overview that helped set expectation on how the app can be used.

Quartzy was able to build a quick welcome onboarding flow so different users could understand their role in the new workflow.

We wanted to make sure that people quickly understood what Quartzy is for and the value it provides (shared shopping list and processing of it). By implementing our onboarding tours, Chameleon helped us teach that.

Alina Senderzon, Product Design Lead

After their customers complete the onboarding flow, the remaining onboarding is contextual and triggered based on actions they take in the product – like making a inventory request. By having triggered based help, Quartzy is able to avoid overwhelming their users upfront before they had a chance to actually test out the platform.

Driving adoption of newly announced features using Chameleon

Quartzy had previously announced new product features with emails, with copy explaining how the new functionality worked. Since they changed to using Chameleon for driving awareness and adoption, they started seeing results right away!

They released new commenting functionality in their product, one of the features included the ability to @ mention colleagues. This was a crucial component to improving collaboration, something that was important and that their team had invested a lot into building.

However, for their user base, @ mentioning wasn’t a natural habit, and wasn’t easily adopted.

We sent out an email announcing new commenting functionality, explaining how it works and that you can @ mention colleagues, etc., but we didn’t see too many people using that functionality.We decided to add a Chameleon tooltip that would appear when a user clicks on the comment section and calls-out that @ mentioning functionality exists and why they might use it.What we saw from this was an **immediate** behavior change. When a user closed the tooltip they’d either change their comment to include an @ mention or they would start using it in future comments.

Alina Senderzon, Product Design Lead

Email can be a great channel for driving users back into the product but users learn best in context of what they are doing, which is why Quartzy had such great success here. Learn more about how to use emails and product tours together in this article.

Using FullStory, Quartzy was able to gain additional insights on how their users behave, where they click, and validate that their Chameleon tours were driving direct impact in customer behavior. Chameleon tours automatically show up in your FullStory sessions!

It was really cool to see our customers taking key actions based on our Chameleon tours.

Alina Senderzon, Product Design Lead

What’s next for Quartzy?

Driving product adoption is a job that is never done. Alina is continuously finding more opportunities to improve and iterate on their onboarding.

Want to share how you use Chameleon to achieve your business goals? Shoot us an email at hello@trychameleon.com.

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