How Highspot is Scaling Product Adoption with Chameleon

As told by Jon White, VP Product, Highspot
How Highspot is Scaling Product Adoption with Chameleon

Highspot is award-winning and growing quickly

Sales is getting more sophisticated, and modern sellers need highly-specific, relevant and valuable content and training to serve the modern buyer. Highspot is a complete sales enablement platform, powered by AI-based predictive content and analytics, to guide sales reps to the most impactful conversations with their buyers.

Based in Seattle, the company has raised over $60 M from top-tier venture investors including Madrona, Shasta, Salesforce Ventures, and OpenView Partners.

Scaling product adoption with multiple personas

Highspot, like many SaaS companies, deals with multiple user personas. Product Marketers use the platform to create and add content, while Sales teams use the platform to deliver content to their buyers.

Highspot takes a concierge approach to onboarding customers, with the Services team leading trainings and communicating product updates. They train the “publisher” (often Product Marketers) and "enablement" (Sales Enablement) personas who often in-turn train the “field” personas (e.g. sales reps) on how to use Highspot.

Any product with multiple personas needs customized user onboarding and in-product guidance to serve the goals of each user type

While this approach has been successful, as Highspot grew quickly and multiplied their user base, it took longer to drive product and feature adoption, especially in large organizations. Highspot has the reputation of being the technology innovator in their category, and they once again turned to technology to help deliver customer experience at scale.

Building a best-in-class product growth stack

Jon White, VP of Product, at Highspot had previously used Chameleon at Moz, and had a lot of success. He knew the impact in-product guides and walkthroughs could have, and saw how big the opportunity was with Highspot.

He expressed, “There were so many features that would deliver new value to users, but they weren’t using them,” a common concern amongst product owners.

As he thought about his options, he decided to pursue a best-in-class product stack; using Segment as the data-layer for analytics, and Chameleon for in-product engagement.

His team evaluated other solutions, but was concerned about the limitations of an all-in-one platform, that didn’t go deep enough on either analytics or in-product guidance. He also appreciated how the Chameleon team helped Highspot focus on outcomes, and not just outputs, during the pilot phase.

The customer success mindset of the Chameleon team was a real differentiator

Jon White, VP Product

Focusing on key flows that drive multifold value

The primary use case for Highspot was to drive more adoption of core flows, such as using the ‘Pitch’ feature. This enables sales reps to deliver content to their buyers directly from within Highspot (rather than downloading it and sending it from their email inbox), and consequently measure opens, reads and other valuable insights.

The Highspot team leveraged the ‘trigger’ functionality within Chameleon, to show a flow to users, whenever they tried to download content (to send offline). This approach took the opportunity of users going through a sub-optimal flow to show them about another, better way.

The product tour also leveraged the powerful CTAs functionality to automatically take some actions on behalf of a user (such as filling in form fields with dummy data) to help demonstrate the full value, without the friction of requiring users to enter data.

Showcasing Highspot's smart tour
Highspot Feature Adoption Tour Tooltip with Button

This is a step from Highspot's Feature Adoption tour.

It requests the user to input their email address before proceeding; users learn by doing, so this is a good example of an engaging step. Instead of just showing users around your product, encourage them to take actions.

Upon clicking the 'Done' CTA the Chameleon tour automatically prefils some basic information for the user, which eases potential friction or confusion. You can see the result in the screenshot below.

Highspot Feature Adoption Tour Tooltip

The impact was increased usage of this functionality amongst accounts that had low usage. This is highly valuable because greater adoption of ‘Pitch’ creates a virtuous loop, where users then find greater value in the ‘Reporting’ functionality, and thereby becoming more depply engaged over time.

Qualitative feedback suggested Highspot customers were excited to leverage Chameleon to teach their sales reps in an automated, contextual and scalable fashion.

Leveraging in-product as a channel

As the product and customer team at Highspot grows, there is palpable excitement and lots of ideas on how to use Chameleon for a variety of use cases. Some include:

  • Onboarding new users for existing accounts
  • Driving adoption of other core flows
  • Marketing to existing customers to deepen engagement

Customer marketing is a focus area for Highspot. It’s an important facet of marketing that’s often ignored, but is critical to engage users across their lifecycle and reduce risk of churn. Chameleon helps deliver marketing messages to existing and engaged users, so the Product Marketing team at Highspot is expecting to leverage this.

Many of Highspots customers have custom-branded instances of Highspot, and have unique needs as part of their sales processes and systems. The Highspot Services team is also exploring creating highly personalized product tours with Chameleon, that suit the needs of each individual account. Chameleon enables brand and content personalization so this will help Highspot deliver a native experience to each of their customers.

An example of how Chameleon can show brand and style variants to different customers based on their settings or configurations:

Jon recommends working with Chameleon to peers looking to scale product growth and drive feature adoption.

Chameleon feels more like a partner than a vendor, because of their team’s consultative approach and expertise in product-led growth.

Jon White, VP Product

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