How Directly Made Onboarding Lovable

As told by Tara Tyler, Expert Operations Manager, Directly
How Directly Made Onboarding Lovable

Fast-growing companies use Directly's on-demand customer service apps to scale support and improve customer experience. The apps plug into your CRM system, route qualifying tickets to your expert users and reward them for quickly resolving tickets. You can set up a test in hours, and see higher CSAT, faster response times & savings in days.

Initially we started with conventional onboarding

A big component to our success is experts is using our platform to answer support questions, and so it's vital each new expert understands quickly how to do this. Many of our users have never done this type of thing before and are often not as tech-savvy as those in the startup world.

So it's part of my job to train new experts and it's hard! I do some of this manually and to help us keep pace with our increasing growth we initially introduced an onboarding tour for new experts. This consisted of a long slideshow that showed them the key aspects of our product.

However we soon found that this was overwhelming our new experts and they were not engaging with Directly or that we needed to continue to provide a lot of manual training.

When we heard about Chameleon we were immediately interested

One of our quarterly goals was to improve the proportion of new experts answering their first question, by themselves. We had considered using a Learning Management System (LMS) to provide courses, but these are often hard to digest and not easily relatable. Sometimes people take a "have to get through it" attitude without really enjoying the experience.

One of our product managers, Stephen, came across Chameleon after their launch. At the time we were looking at a couple other options too, but after we saw the ease of using Chameleon and how flexible it could be, we were really sold. It helped that we shared common investors and Pulkit helped guide us to build an effective tour.

It's been a resounding success

We spent about a month testing and building the tour to highlight a dummy question that we prompted new experts to answer. After lauching we received lots of positive feedback and experts were welcoming of the tour (unlike the slideshow) and completing the dummy question!

Showing them the most relevant information made them feel comfortable and they were able to act on the help that we were providing. We're now looking forward to building more Chameleon tours for other parts of our product!

Chameleon is the most engaging feature we currently have on our platform for a first time user.

Rey Ferolino, Operations Manager

Make user onboarding lovable

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