Product Tour Benchmarks & Best Practices [Report]

Insights from 15m user interactions with product guidance 📊
Product Tour Benchmarks & Best Practices [Report]

Product Tours are used in almost every web app, simple to advanced... but hard data on engagement, performance and conversion power is scarce.

How many steps in tour is too many? How much of the tour do users really read? Which design elements help and harm conversion?

By using averages from over 15 million product experiences, we’ve uncovered major factors that impact the success of Product Tours, so you can create better in-product experiences for user onboarding, feature releases, and other key flows.

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What's in the report?

Factors that influence the success of Product Tours

  • Design
    How images, lightboxes, and progress indicators affect engagement
  • Triggers
    Which triggers are the highest converting
  • Checklists
    How effective are checklists and self-serve tours
  • Duration
    How long users are willing to spend on guidance
  • Steps
    How many steps to show before users tune out
  • More
    Read the full report for every best practice