The Evaluation and Buying Process

Navigating the evaluation and purchasing process of a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) can be intricate but essential for organizations aiming to enhance user experience and operational efficiency. This chapter offers a comprehensive guide on effectively assessing and choosing the right DAP tailored to your company's needs. Here’s the TL;DR. 👇🏼

🪧 DAPs typically offer two main buying paths: self-service for smaller, more agile deployments and sales-assisted for larger, more complex needs. Each has its merits, with self-service offering quick setup and sales-assisted providing in-depth customization and support.

🦸 Successful DAP adoption begins with assembling a cross-functional team, including engineering, design, and compliance stakeholders, to consider all perspectives. Drafting a business case early in the process helps articulate the DAP's value and expected ROI.

💯 An Evaluation Matrix is crucial for systematically comparing DAP features, technical compatibility, ease of use, and overall fit with your organization. It helps align team expectations and streamlines the decision-making process. You can download one here.

🛟 If you opt for sales assistance, expect a structured process that includes discovery calls, customized demos, and trials. Being open and prepared with your requirements can make this process more efficient and tailored to your needs.

🧪 You must test the DAP through a proof-of-concept (POC) phase. This includes installing the software, integrating it with your stack, and simulating real user interactions to evaluate its effectiveness.

🗣️ Discuss and negotiate terms that suit your budget and strategic goals. Understanding the pricing structure, contractual terms, and the DAP’s security measures will ensure that there are no surprises after purchase.

✍️ Once you sign the deal on your DAP, the focus shifts to implementation and onboarding, leveraging the DAP’s customer success resources to maximize the platform’s value from the start.

Organizations can significantly enhance user engagement and streamline operations by methodically evaluating and selecting a DAP, driving better business outcomes through improved digital adoption.